OUT OF THE BLUE opens with sarcastic, 16-year-old Jenny awaiting the results of her pregnancy test. When the results come back positive, Jenny’s normal, Midwestern life is turned upside down.

Her rocky relationship with her adopted Mother, Iris quickly becomes rockier once her secret is discovered. And, while Jenny struggles making a decision regarding the pregnancy, she also starts to wonder about her birth mother who she never knew- she was adopted when she was six from an orphanage in South Korea.

Finally, she declares she is going on a quest to South Korea to find her ‘real mom.’ Iris insists on going with her and the two feuding family members encounter more than they expected through funny scenes set in an unfamiliar landscape. Still, the quest reveals answers to Jenny’s past while helping her decide what to do about her future.

Book and lyrics by Erin Hunsader, Music by Haesun Suh