This year has thrown a lot of curveballs at all of us. I never thought that I’d be leaving my dream city in any other way than on my own terms. When the pandemic hit, the only logical choice was for me to go home. I thought it was maybe going to be 3 months, tops. I’ve now been back home for about a year and a half. But it hasn’t been all bad. I started a relatively successful food blog (@hugheatswithyou), I got accepted into an incredible acting program at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. It wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned my life 5 years prior, but considering the circumstances, I got some nice silver linings. I’ll be completely honest though, my entire experience throughout the pandemic was a rollercoaster. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I acted like I didn’t care the entertainment industry was shut down, even actively tried to distance myself from acting (which is hard to do when you’re in an acting program), because I was subconsciously so upset it, “wasn’t how it was supposed to be”. It was different. It was distant. It felt impersonable. Everything I loved about singing and acting in front of people had disappeared. There was no vibrancy for me. I started to think I wasn’t good enough. I won’t lie, I debated quitting.

But I persisted, even with those feelings. I wrote, filmed and starred in my first solo piece at ATL and worked on an awesome scene with my partner, and friend Matt Street. That scene was what I presented at our showcase at the end of our program. And that is what lead me to my incredible agency Gray Talent Group! I am over the moon to have been offered representation by GTG and join their roster of fierce, diverse talent. This team is truly passionate & professional and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!